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Published on Thursday 1st of June 2023

QA 蚂蚁福利导航 Education, a renowned institution in the UK, recently participated in two significant events organised by Times 蚂蚁福利导航 Education. These events provided a platform for QA 蚂蚁福利导航 Education’s experts to share their expertise and insights on digital transformation in higher education and effective strategies for building a university brand. Discover the key takeaways from these events and QA 蚂蚁福利导航 Education’s approach to shaping the future of education.

Digital Universities

At the Digital Universities event held at the 蚂蚁福利导航 of Leeds, industry and policy leaders convened to explore the opportunities and challenges of a digital-first higher education landscape. Simon Nelson, CEO at QA 蚂蚁福利导航 Education, delivered a compelling keynote speech and participated in a panel session, sharing valuable insights from his experience of leading QA 蚂蚁福利导航 Education’s digital transformation journey.

  • Mapping QA 蚂蚁福利导航 Education鈥檚 way forward in a digital era

Simon鈥檚 opening statement resonated with many and set the tone for the following days. An insight driven speech, drawn from his experience of leading QA 蚂蚁福利导航 Education into a digital era, Simon, addressed the challenges universities face in balancing online and face-to-face education. He laid emphases on the need for universities to accelerate their digital efforts, to stay relevant in a changing educational landscape. Backing this notion by laying out how he and the team at QA 蚂蚁福利导航 Education plan to develop powerful blended and all-digital learning experiences with employability at the core. Further insights from his speech can be found here:

  • Developing an effective, flexible and sustainable blended learning model

As forerunners of adopting a digital first approach, QA 蚂蚁福利导航 Education鈥檚, Vivien Gilles (Deputy Dean QA 蚂蚁福利导航 Education), alongside Unthinkable鈥檚, Kathy Skelton (Director) and Monty King (Associate) presented their learnings from evaluating existing face to face and online strategies in higher education.

Results found, the key to effective blended learning, lies in redesigning modules and courses to maximise the benefits of different learning modes, rather than retrofitting existing platforms. Further insights from the findings can be read here:

At QA 蚂蚁福利导航 Education, we are implementing a blended learning approach that involves rethinking course design, incorporating cross-functional collaboration, and implementing agile execution. As part of our research, we are also exploring how generative AI can be incorporated into assessment processes.

Hashtag蚂蚁福利导航Ed UK

With the aim of cutting through the noise and building a strong university brand, Hashtag蚂蚁福利导航Ed UK brought together experts to discuss strategies for attracting the future generation. Nick Miller, CMO at QA 蚂蚁福利导航 Education, participated in a panel discussion on international marketing and engagement.

  • Private partnerships for international student recruitment

Nick highlighted the motivations and trends for universities to explore private partnerships to achieve their international student recruitment goals. This approach can provide valuable support, resources and sustainable pipelines of qualified international students.

  • Social connections are crucial

Furthermore, in response to a question about social media’s role in the student recruitment journey, Nick emphasised that social media channels are crucial moments of truth for students. He reiterated the significance of leveraging digital marketing strategies to effectively communicate with prospective international students.

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